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Selling Jrock things!

BLOOD, Dir en Grey, Arena37c.
alice nine, D'espairs Ray, Gazette, ViDoll flyers.

Currently (26) items up!

Please, read the rules here before ordering! Thank you!

Please, let me know when you receive the items, I'm so paranoid xD And please leave me feedback here. Thank you!

Take two magazines and get a 3€ discount! Take all three magazines and get a 5€ discount!


alice nine. & Gazette flyers 2€ each
The rest of the flyers are 1.5€ each


Arena37c (November 2006) Issue #290 (with Gazette-poster)
The left bottom corner is a little bit damaged (see picture) but other than that, the magazine is in good condition. Poster has been hung twice, but there are no holes in it.
8€ (Shipped)


Arena37c (September 2007) Issue #300 (Without posters)
Good condition, has been read once.
8€ (Shipped)


Shoxx (May 2007) Issue #171 (Without poster)
Has been read a few times. Good condition.
8€ (Shipped)


BLOOD item
Never used.


Dir en grey: The Marrow of a Bone (2CDs) -First press, Japan release
The CDs have been played a few times, but they are both in good condition.
15€ (shipped)


Dir en grey: The Marrow of a Bone folder
Has been used a couple of times.
4€ (Shipped)


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