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Manga sales

I'm selling some manga books.

Currently (9) items up!

Please, read the rules here before ordering! Thank you!

Shipping is included in the prices!
All mangas are in English!

Take two 6€-books and get a 2€ discount, or take three 6€-books, and get a 4€ discount!
Take two yaoi books and get a 3€ discount, or take all three of them and get a 5€ discount!


Desire (Maki Kazumi & Yukine Honami) -Yaoi
Has been read a couple of times, good condition. 8€.


Eerie Queerie vol. 1, 2 & 4 (Shuri Shiozu) -Shonen ai
All of them have been read once, good condition. 6€ each.


Othello vol. 1 (Salomi Ikezawa)
Good condition. 6€.


Passion vol. 1 & 2 (Shinobu Gotoh & Shoko Takaku) -Yaoi
Has been read a couple of times. The covers has some scratches, but is barely visible unless you look closely, still in good condition. 8€ each.


Prince of Tennis vol. 1 (Takeshi Konomi)
Read once, good condition. 6€.


Last updated 2010.6.06
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